Mission Statement

We aim to positively impact the lives of current and future generations by tackling current concerns i,e; social injustice, the rise of obesity, antisocial behaviour and mental health issues in our community for young people and adults all through the medium of sport.

We continuously seek to collaborate with like minded volunteers, individuals, sponsors and external organisations who share our principles, objectives and passionate vision for a future full of active and healthy minded individuals.

Participate - Actively share our passion for engagement in sport empowering the community and raise participation levels.

Recognize - Positive growth through all or any aspect of participation.

Rewards - Achievement through recognition and the positive impact from small rewarding incentives

A bit about the founder

The founder of GrassRoots Sports Star CIC was born and raised in Birmingham, a real example that served the community he grew up in for many years. He holds bags of experience all driven by having a real passion for growth in sport, health and helping others achieve and succeed.

He brings a vast amount of relevant sport experience with him to the role. He has lots of experience from playing semi professional and grassroots sports in and around the west midlands for nearly 30 years.

GrassRoots Sports Star CIC was established as a way to give back to the community that served him as a young man through to adulthood.

  • A qualified mentor
  • 2 years running vice chair of St Basils youth advisory board
  • Level 3 qualification working with young people in care
  • A fully qualified personal trainer
  • F.A. coaching badge
  • Level 2 counselling qualification
  • Obtained a couple years work experience with adults on the Autistic spectrum amongst many other things.

GrassRoots Sports Star CIC was established as a way to give back to the community that served him so well as he grew from a young boy through the ages to adulthood.

“With the opportunities there are today, no young person should fail to recognise where their talent lies, GrassRoots Sports Star believes all participants are GrassRoots Sports Stars in their own right.”