About Grassroots

Who we are

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GrassRoots Sports Star CIC is a West Midlands based organisation dedicated to sports from the ground up, hence ‘GrassRoots’ in our name.

GrassRoots Sports Star was founded in 2017 which quickly established a small group of people who are passionate about sport and the well being of our community as a whole. These people consisted of ex Semi-pro football players, an ex club football secretary, a secondary school teacher and youth mentors.

GRSS CIC began their journey engaging in the community via small sided football workshops for young people who struggled in a traditional educational setting. Steadily expanding to non term time and after school clubs services in and around the Birmingham area.

Now we provide a variety of sports for young people and adults to participate in, from Badminton, Basketball, Tennis, Football, Table Tennis and Golf amongst many other creative activities.

Our organisation speaks a language universal to many different cultures and backgrounds in the community via the medium of sport and engaging activities. Our values focus on learning the fundamentals, health, community cohesion, engagement and development of new skills. These core fundamentals are influential in many sports as well as everyday life scenarios for growing young people and adults. We work on reducing anti-social behaviour and social inequalities in the community by familiarising our cohort with community resources such as community centres, recreation facilities, parks and multi use games areas.

Our passion and why!

Many disenfranchised youth are extremely talented but due to difficult circumstances do not engage in sport in their early years. Convenience, accessibility and cost etc play a big role in many inner city communities. We create engaging programmes for youth of all ages to tap into thus encouraging the extraction of those inner star qualities. Our system sets precedence by incorporating community role models to lead by example with a conscious attempt to nurture the youth to become future responsible upstanding citizens.

We identify and recognise a lack in key areas and see it accountable for us through our drive and passion to provide much needed inclusiveness for the demographics in need. Our healthy body healthy mind initiative looks more at adults, women and families to use sport to help combat barriers such as isolation, trauma, mental and physical health.

We champion engagement and purposely tailor our services in our programme towards building communities, covering as many sectors as we can within those communities to positively impact the lives of the present and future generations via sport. Leading to sustainable change for a healthy, confident and disciplined generation of youth and upcoming adults.

We are a registered CIC that operates as a charitable not for profit organisation which means any profit we make goes back to help the community we serve.


  • Introduction to sport / develop sporting talents
  • Raise community participation levels
  • Tackle antisocial disorder
  • Personal development ( confidence, discipline, self esteem )
  • Encourage healthy lifestyle habits ( dietary, exercise )
  • Build community cultural integration and reintegration
  • Reduce and impact sedentary behaviour tackle type 2 diabetes and social inequalities
  • Protect health and wellbeing ( mental health, women and struggling families )