Privacy Policy

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

What our Data Protection and the Privacy Policy covers

We at GrassRoots Sports Star want you to understand what information we collect, and how we use and share it. That's why we encourage you to read our Policy. This helps you use our Services in the way that's right for you. We do not collect or request any personal data on our platform for any of our services, If this was to change, all registered users will be informed with adequate prior notice. In our terms of use it is required that you use the GrassRoots Sports Star platform for its sole use and we strictly advise that users do not use our platform to send any personal or sensitive details

In the Privacy Policy, we explain how we collect, use, share, retain and transfer information. We also let you know your rights. Each section of the Policy includes helpful examples and simpler language to make our practices easier to understand. We've also added Data Protection information that may be relevant to you if you're using our services in various locations. It's important to us that you know how to control your privacy and we provide you with sufficient means to protect your data.

We use information you collect to provide a personalised experience to you, including ads, along with the other purposes that we explain in detail below.

For some of these purposes, we use information to share with our third party affiliates to provide a personal experience to and from you. The information that we use for these purposes is automatically processed by our systems. But in some cases, we also use manually to access and review your information.

To use less information that's connected to individual users, in some cases we de-identify or aggregate information. We might also anonymise it so that it no longer identifies you. We use this information in the same ways we use your information as described in this section.

Here are the ways we use your information:

To provide, personalise and improve our products

We use information we have to provide and improve our products. This includes personalising features, content and recommendations, such as your GrassRoots Sports Star sponsored feed, stories and ads. We use information with special purposes that you choose to provide for these purposes, but not to show you ads.

To promote safety, security and integrity. We use the information we collect to help protect people from harm and provide safe, secure products

To provide measurement, analytics and business services. Lots of people rely on our products to run or promote their businesses. We help them measure how well their ads and other content are working.

To communicate with you. We communicate with you using information you've given us, such as contact information you've entered on your profile.

To research and innovate for social good. We use information we have, information from researchers and datasets from publicly available sources, professional groups and non-profit groups to conduct and support research.

We don't sell any of your information to anyone and we never will. We also require partners and third parties to follow rules about how they can and cannot use and disclose the information that we provide.